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    Is there any instruction on how to connect the Zextras Team mobile application to the Zimbra OSE 8.8.15 server (Zextras 3.0) - IP ports, etc?
    Previously purchased a license for Zextras Mobile.

    Unable to add photo to Team profile via web-client Zimbra. File size according to recommendations less than 400 kb.
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    Hello paulvr,

    To configure Zextras Team app on your device you'll only need the Zimbra server public hostname, the port is usually 443 (HTTPS).
    Please note that the server must be able to connect to https://notifications.zextras.com to make notifications work.

    Zextras Mobile is used to sync mail, calendars and contacts with your Zimbra server via Exchange ActiveSync.

    Due to a bug, the actual max file size for photos is 256 Kb, this will be fixed in the next release.
    If you can't upload smaller files either, please run zmprov gd domain.tdl | grep -i PublicService as zimbra user and check the configuration of zimbraPublicServiceHostname, zimbraPublicServicePort and zimbraPublicServiceProtocol parameters.

    Have a nice day,
    the Zextras Team


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