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Thread: zextras vs zimbra plus

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    zextras vs zimbra plus

    Any difference between the two? I noticed that zimbra now also provides support for the opensource version with the option to add on "zimbra plus" packages like zimbra mobile plus. Are there any differences between say zxmobile and zimbra mobile plus, or just a marketing gimmick?

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    Hello scristopher,
    sorry for the late reply!

    Code-wise there is no difference between Zextras Suite and Zimbra Suite Plus other than Zextras Chat being only included in the former and with the 1-to-1 videochat feature (which is not available in its Zimbra counterpart, Zimbra Chat).

    The main difference between the two is that even if both are developed by Zextras, Zimbra Suite Plus is an official Zimbra product distributed by the Zimbra partner network and tied to the official Zimbra support while Zextras Suite is distributed by Zextras and its partner network and gives access to Zextras support.

    Have a great day,

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    One point that i know is in Zimbra Suite Plus you can have support from your local zimbra partner which currently Zimbra local partner is prohibit to support Zimbra Open Source (only Suite Plus and Network Edition) but also the direct support from the ZeXtras team is excellent.


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