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    For a bunch of reasons a couple of weeks ago (yes i took my time to post this )I had to spent the weekend in exporting the data from our Zimbra server and importing back to a new installation.
    I've already used the zx migration tool a couple of time in the past, with no major issues and this time all went ok too,
    The only "strange" thing I found is that launching a "zxsuite backup doCheckShares" command i get the this message in the mail report:

    Folder '/_InternalGAL' is shared to 4be52125-caf7-48b5-b08b-ca97641ea9d4(unknown name). However, this account doesn't exist.

    I don't remember a similar error message in previous migrations.

    The latest version of the tools have been used (zxmig: 2.4.12 Zextras: 2.6.0)

    Any idea on what can be or what can I check?

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    Hi davidesjhs

    Has reported in the "Known Issues" section of ZxBackup wiki, GalSync resource accounts and settings are not being restored.

    If a complete domain is imported, GalSync must be reconfigured and a sync must be forced

    zmgsautil forceSync -a -n InternalGAL

    Have a nice day,

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