Domain and accounts issue in new server after external import
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Thread: Domain and accounts issue in new server after external import

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    Domain and accounts issue in new server after external import

    Good Morning

    First of all, sorry for my poor english.

    Actaully I'm doing a incremental migration

    ServerA (Production)

    Zimbra Version 8.06_GA_5922.FOSS
    Zextras Suite version 2.2.3
    OS Linux Redhat 6.4

    ServerB (Virtual)

    Zimbra Version 8.6.0_GA_1153.FOSS
    Zextras Suite Version 2.2.3
    OS Linux Redhat 6.4

    So far, I have done 3 external imports with any problem. All data and accounts are migrated buit when I try to test my account (log in) Zimbra does not let me in. usually my user enter zimbra using account (with no domain) and password. The only way for me to enter to ne new server (ServerB) was using my account@mydomain. Is there a way to do something in order all users log in using just the acoount in serverB?

    By the other hand, In serverB I have 2 domains (the one that was created when install Zimbra and the Domain migrate from servera) How can have only the domain Migrated withou losing anya data o users. I see this domain has associated several users some of them alreday change them to my migrated domain but I have admin whic can no be migrated because alreday exist in domamin migrated. is there a safe way to let only my domanin migrated in serverb?

    Thank you

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    Hello Luis!

    The ability to log in without the part is related to Virtual Hosts, are those set up properly on the new server and properly handled by your networking infrastructure? You can check those in the Zimbra Admin Console under Manage -> Domains -> ( -> Virtual Hosts.

    Changing the "main" admin account of a server can be pretty tricky and involves manually changing some local/global/server config parameters. Deleting the "original" domain wuould also require to set up new ham, spam and quarantines accounts and change those in the config as well, so as long as it's not 101% necessary I'd advise against it.

    If the domain created during the installation is not used anywhere else I'd suggest to:
    * Make sure that admin@mydomain has global admin rights
    * Log into the Admin Console as admin@mydomain
    * Delete the admin@unwanteddomain account
    * Add a "admin@unwanteddomain" alias to "admin@mydomain"

    Have a nice day,
    the ZeXtras Team


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