How to renew a license already expired.
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Thread: How to renew a license already expired.

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    How to renew a license already expired.

    In 2014 I migrated my zimbra from one server to another. In 2014 I used zextras to migrate with no downtime.

    Today, I need to migrate again from one server to another but it detected in my source server the license I used in 2014 as expired. Is there a way to reactivate the license and do the migration?

    This is an automated notification from ZeXtras Suite.
    The following warning(s) have been detected.

    Your ZeXtras Suite License is expired.

    All ZeXtras Suite paid modules have been forcibly disabled.
    The ZeXtras Chat module and any other free feature won't be affected.

    Please make sure you either obtain a new license or extend the duration of the current one in order to resume ZeXtras Suite's full functionality.

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    Hello luis_lga!

    I suggest to get in touch with our Sales Team through the ZeXtras Support Portal, they'll be able to assist you with any licensing need

    Have a nice day,
    the ZeXtras Team


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