License renewal - slight confusion
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Thread: License renewal - slight confusion

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    License renewal - slight confusion

    I will need to renew my ZeXtras license shortly and looking at my account I can't see any option to just order a renewal, according to this post I need to go to my account and get an "extension" but I can't see any specific option for that. I did read the wiki article on Licensing but that also doesn't make it any more clear to me, do I just do an upgrade or is this a new license?

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    Hello Phoenix!

    Thanks for the heads-up, I'll update the License Management page on the wiki asap to clarify the renewal/upgrade topic

    I confirm that there's no "renewal" in our licensing, you just need to do an upgrade and set the new expiration date: the residual value of your current license will be automatically calculated and deducted from the upgrade price and you'll be able to download the upgraded License File as soon as the payment is processed.

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    Hi Cine

    Thanks for the quick reply. I thought it might just be an 'upgrade' but I din't want to cause extra work by ordering another licence.

    Have a good day.




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