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    Question about cloud storage

    We have around 55 users over 7 or so domains and before we purchase this extension I was curious as to whether or not the backups can be made to a cloud -based storage location or other remote drive on the network?



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    Hello Myriad, and welcome to the forums!

    The ZeXtras Backup data can be saved vistually on any kind of storage, as long as it has a mountpoint on the server. However, due to the "real time" nature of ZeXtras Backup I strongly advice you to run some performance tests before choosing your backup media, as remote drives tend to be slower than local drives (you can use the ZeXtras Suite trial to perform your test, it can be downloaded HERE).
    Cloud-based hosting can be used to store External Backups to be used in case of emergency (for a disaster recovery - schedule a nightly External Backup as described HERE and rsync it to your cloud storage), but not for live backup.

    Have a nice day,


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