License count on removed accounts?
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Thread: License count on removed accounts?

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    License count on removed accounts?


    I have 25 mailboxes and a license for 25 mailboxes.

    I removed one account completly but the mailbox count still states that I have 25 mailboxes.

    Is this the correct behavior of ZeXtras?

    Do I have to buy a new license?

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    Hi novastram and welcome to our forum.

    First of all, the mailbox counter is recalculated every 15 minute but you can force the check with a simple CLI command as zimbra user:
    zxsuite core doLicenseChecks
    Pay attention to the account type you have removed, only a normal user account is relevant, if you have removed a system resource mailbox (or an external one) it doesn't matter.

    If your issue persists, please report all relevant information about your enviroment as reported in our guide: How to report a ZeXtras Suite issue.

    Have a nice day.
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