Outlook 2011 for Mac compatible ?
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Thread: Outlook 2011 for Mac compatible ?

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    Outlook 2011 for Mac compatible ?


    Is Outlook 2011 compatible with ZeXtras ?

    I want to sync mail, contacts and calendar on Mac.

    We are trying Zimbra 8.6 and ZeXtras 1.10.2.

    Actually, Outlook searches for an Exchange server and we can't find the good parameter (if any). We have modified today our DNS to add auto discovering.

    We will test again on few hours, but if you have some explanation, this will be great.

    Many thanks for your help.

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    Hi dedisoft,

    as reported many times on our forums, Outlook for Mac doesn't support EAS protocol (ActiveSync), but only EWS (Exchange Web Services) which is not (jet) supported by ZxMobile.


    Have a nice day.
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