Zextras licensing -- use/count of closed &/or not-backed up accounts?
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Thread: Zextras licensing -- use/count of closed &/or not-backed up accounts?

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    Zextras licensing -- use/count of closed &/or not-backed up accounts?

    I have a Zextras license for #N accounts.

    If I create an N+1th account, but set it to CLOSED status, i.e. NOT in use, I get this message:

    "This is an automated notification from ZeXtras Suite.
    The following warning(s) have been detected.

    The number of users on the system has reached the limit allowed by your license.
    Please note that creating more users could result in all paid ZeXtras Suite modules to be disabled."

    Why? I still have only N active accounts, that are properly licensed? The new account is (a) not in use, and thus (b) not backed up.

    Or that's the goal.

    Do Zextras licencese count total accounts only in ONE COS, or across ALL of them?

    In general, how do you add accounts to a Zimbra server that are ACTIVE but NOT to be backed up, so that they are NOT counted against Zextras licenses, generating the notice message?

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    Hello png

    As stated in all ZeXtras websites and in many forum posts like this:

    "The ZeXtras Suite License is designed to work server-wide, so the number of mailboxes acquired with your license must be equal or higher than the total number of mailboxes on your server."

    This includes all mailboxes, even closed ones, but not Calendar Resource accounts, System Resource accounts and External accounts, more informations about License management are available on the ZeXtras Wiki at License Management - ZeXtras Suite Wiki

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