Is ZimbraOSE+Zextras suite = ZNE Archiving & Discovery?
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Thread: Is ZimbraOSE+Zextras suite = ZNE Archiving & Discovery?

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    Is ZimbraOSE+Zextras suite = ZNE Archiving & Discovery?


    I see that Zimbra archiving and discovery is not listed as a feature for OSE in the latest feature list for Version 8.0 downloaded from

    So, I am curious to know if Zextras plugs this gap in any manner. I see Zextras Backup, but I don't think that's the same as ZNE's archiving and discovery, right?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Hi zimaster,

    At this time Zextras Suite has no functionality which can compare to ZAD.
    As you know ZAD is made up of two major parts: the first one is the cross-user search, which is a planned functionality for us upon which we will begin to work as soon as ZeXtras Suite 2.0 will be out.
    The second is the Archiving part; about that we are still asking our users what the real "requirements" for that ought to be, in order to design the best possible solution for your needs.
    I therefore wish to take the opportunity to invite all of you to tell us how YOU use the ZAD and what features you'd like for a future ZeXtras Archiving module to possess!
    Thank you all in advance for your support and for any suggestion you will share with us.

    I've moved this tread to "The Future" section to discuss about suggestions on this future functionality.

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    Why not using Enkive next to ZCS+Zx?
    Archiving made by an external tool using other technologies, hosted elsewhere...

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    Have not used Enkive but would highly recommend Piler


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