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    New product idea

    First off, thanks for a wonderful product. I have only started
    to scratch the surface with the capabilities, but what I have worked
    with is very polished excepting a few browser interface issues and
    well thought out.

    I have an idea for a problem that exists in Zimbra that perhaps you can solve.

    The issue regards 'mail merges', or perhaps more precisely, the ability to
    export contact records based on a set of predefined conditions.

    I have users that would like to say export contact records based on:

    A) A search query
    B) Tagged contact records
    C) Grouped contact records

    At present there is only a global 'dump' possible. Call it Zexport or something.

    Thanks for your consideration.

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    Hello bsaxby,
    welcome to the forums!

    If I understand your need correctly, then the feature you request is already available in the Zimbra Web Client... To export contacts (or any other kind of item) according to a search query you need to go in the "Preferences" tab, enter the "Import/Export" section, select "Account" as the Type, "All Folders" as the source and then check the "Advanced Settings" box. Here you will be able to select which kind of item you want to export and enter a search query such as:

    "tag:tagname" to export all items with the tag called "tagname".
    "in:foldername" to export all items in the "foldername" folder.
    "under:foldername" same to in:foldername but also exports the content of any "foldername"'s subfolder.

    If this is not the feature you're looking for or if you have any idea on how ZeXtras Suite could improve the Import/Export user experience please let me know!

    Have a nice day,

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    LOL. Well, thanks for pointing out that the feature sort of exists. Not exactly exposed very well is it?
    Out of 20 users and 2 admins nobody found it. : ) Okay, so now that we know it exists do you think
    there is anything that can be done to improve it? For one I would like to be able to right click on a tag
    and say 'export associated contacts'. Same for groupings in the address book.


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