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    Lightbulb Per domain backup path


    It would be nice to be able to separate the disks/volumes for backups per domain and have seperate retention option. If you have multiple customers (domains) on one server and one (domain) wants (needs) a certain retention (say 30 days) and another customer (domain) wants (needs) less retention (say 7 days) you can separate them on different volumes. And when they leave the server you only need to discard that volume but still maintain the volume reserved for the other customer (domain).

    On a hosting environment you can then add en remove disks (for which you pay monthly) when needed.

    Does this make sense? Or is this already doable?


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    Hi Michel,

    the only solution to achieve that goal is to split your domains in different servers (even in the same zimbra infrastrucure) because the retention period can be set only per mailbox server.

    Have a nice day.

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    Hi D0s0n,

    That's why I post it in the Future part of the forum, as a nice to have in the (near) future


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    Hey xternal!

    We are currently redesigning ZeXtras Backup and a lot of things will change and improve by the end of the year, so while I can't promise that a "split backup" option will be added I'll make sure that the R&D team reads your idea

    Have a nice day,
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