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    Lightbulb Not new idea - disclaimer manager

    I think it can be very useful

    New server-side product - "Disclaimer manager"- disclaimers with setting per users or domain, based on information held in LDAP, with templates ?

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    Hello Chris,
    thank you for your suggestion!

    While it'd be tricky to implement per-use disclaimers or LDAP-based templates as we're not big fans of LDAP customizations/additional schemas due to usability reasons, but there are definitely some interesting opportunities

    Zimbra is already taking some steps forward in this direction, implementing per-domain disclaimers starting from 8.5.0, so a first option would be to provide a UI to manage those within the ZeXtras Free Tools just as it was done in the recent past for the Send As/Send OBO features.

    Feel free to open an RFE on the ZeXtras Bugzilla to let the R&D Team know about your ideas, the R&D process takes some time but I hope we'll have some news in the 2.2.x branch.

    Have a nice day,
    the ZeXtras Team


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