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Thread: Missing Feature of Zimbra

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    Missing Feature of Zimbra

    Hi guys,

    a feature I am missing with Zimbra is a desktop (Windows) sync application for files in Briefcase.
    Yes, there are some file sync applications with WebDAV backends. However, first of all they do not really work* and second they have no shell integration. I would prefer a similar interface as TortoiseSVN or Dropbox.
    I don't know if this would be an interesting product for ZeXtras, since it is not part of the server side. But I would definitely like it.

    Best regards

    * They sync based on the last modified time, which is not preserved when uploading files over WebDAV. The sync state should store a tag instead.

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    Hello vinzenz!

    ZeXtras is purely focused on server-side products, so I'm afraid that a briefcase client is not something that the R&D would consider, but nonetheless thank you for your feedback!
    I'll keep this thread open and visible, so that any other user can discuss your idea... Who knows, a wild developer might appear and take the challenge

    Have a nice day,
    the ZeXtras Team

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    Hi Cine,

    I am reviving this old thread because you recently announced/released a new Drive module. Will you be looking into clients for this solution, or maybe make it compatible with existing clients like Nextcloud? I think sync clients are a must have for such a module.

    Another interesting addition would be OnlyOffice integration.



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