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    Wink Possible product

    I'm currently subscribed to your services and I love them. Had only one problem with Zextras Mobile that was fixed the next day (great support).

    To the point:

    Live migration (Server duplication)

    I would like to have a possibility for a server duplication, so when one server goes down (malfunction or a planned technical upgrades) - second server takes all the load. I know that it is very hard to implement, but that is the only feature that makes a really big difference between Zimbra OS and Zimbra NE!!!
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    Hello Valera,
    and thank you for your suggestion!

    The "Live Migration" feature is being considered by our R&D team for future implementation since quite a long time. We still don't know if it will allow to create an active/standby infrastructure like the one you described or if there will be a specific software feature to do so, but this is something that will surely be discussed for ZeXtras Suite 2.x...

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    Hope it's coming soon...


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