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Thread: Zextras Migration Tool fantastic!

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    Zextras Migration Tool fantastic!

    I just migrated a small 40 account server from Zimbra 8.0/Ubuntu 10.04LTS to Zimbra 8.6/Ubuntu 14.04LTS, with about 600GB of messages stored.

    Everything went really well. Unfortunately I had to do it while the source server was live, so I had to run Imapsync to import the new messages that arrived between the export finishing and the import on the new server completing, about 1 day worth of messages.

    I created a NFS share on the new server and mounted it as the export path on the old server, the transfer over a Gigabit connection took about 3 hours.

    A great tool, made the transfer very easy.

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    Hello nicko!

    Congrats for your successful migration, it's always great to have users' feedback about our products, especially when it's a feedback like yours

    For future reference, using ZeXtras Suite on both the source and destination servers allows for "Incremental Migrations", which will also import all contacts, appointments, tasks and briefcase files created during the migration process...

    Have a nice day,
    the ZeXtras Team


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